Ongoing information about accessing Astrolabe Reef as well as updates about the state of the wreck will be published here.

Astrolabe 'Reef Watch' Update

It has been a busy opening period at Astrolabe Reef / Otaiti with the ongoing summer-like weather and marine conditions allowing plenty of fishing and diving.

The Maketu Coastguard Reef Watch team is monitoring activity at the Reef as well as providing information to skippers and divers.  Below is a brief update from them on some important points – please read the following carefully.


Dive groups planning a trip to the Astrolabe Reef are asked to start registering their visit in advance by contacting the Reef Watch vessel either on 027 431 7113, channel 81 (the morning of) or via email  

Registering your dive visit will help forewarn them of likely activity levels, and to share information about weather conditions and forecasts for the Reef.


Channel 81 is now the Reef Watch vessel’s main operating channel for all Astrolabe Reef communications, but they also continue to monitor channel 83.


As a reminder – the orange mooring buoys marking dive sites 1 & 2 are intended for diving activity first and foremost. Vessels longer than 10 metres are asked not to use them for mooring purposes, unless assisting divers when entering and exiting the water. Mooring should only be for limited periods. Metal tags will be on each buoy to remind skippers of this.

On good weather days the Eastpack Rescue vessel will be moored to one of the two yellow buoys to help share information as needed.


Skippers are reminded to avoid anchoring on the Reef, as far as possible.

In closing, the Maketu Coastguard Reef Watch team wish to thank all visitors for their excellent attitude toward safe, responsible boating and diving at the Reef. 

17 May 2016