Access to Astrolabe Reef / Otaiti has now been restored for vessels under 500 tonnes by the Bay of Plenty Harbour Master. This is after more than four and a half years of salvage and cleanup operations following the grounding of the MV Rena in October 2011. There will be many visitors to the Reef, including competing interests, both commercially and recreationally, from people interested to fish and dive in what is a relatively small, dynamic area of open ocean.

Visitors to the Reef should familiarise themselves with the guidelines on this website to help plan for a safe trip. It is important for everyone to apply common sense and good boating practices, as well as be aware of the specific hazards at the Reef with the remains of the wreck on it.

The information on this website has been prepared with input from various groups with local experience and knowledge of boating, diving and general navigational safety relevant to the Reef and / or the wreckage of the Rena.

Ongoing information about accessing Astrolabe Reef as well as updates about the state of the wreck will be published here.

Astrolabe Reef / Otaiti – Safety Video